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Advanced Accounting and Financial Reporting

Advanced Accounting and Financial Reporting Page 3 of 5 Q.3 Health Pharma Limited (HPL) entered into the following arrangements during 2019: (i) On 1 January 2019, HPL acquired a capsule manufacturing machine from Hi-Tech Industries Limited for a lease term of 5 years with instalments payable annually in advance. The useful life of the machine was estimated at 6 years. stHPL paid the 1 ...

Digital Industries Apprenticeship: Occupational Brief IS .

Level 4 IS Business Analyst Minimum Standards and Grading Criteria This paper defines the minimum requirements for the knowledge, skills and behaviours defined in the standard, which are required for a pass. It also defines the criteria to be used for awarding the grade for merit or distinction. This paper should be read in conjunction with the Standard and Assessment Plan for the Level 4 IS ...


En tant que leader mondial du marché, nous avons un impact majeur sur l’empreinte environnementale de diverses industries. Avec plus de 200 milliards de litres de produits chimiques et d‘eau traversant nos produits chaque jour, nous avons le devoir d‘aider nos clients à être plus efficaces avec leurs ressources.