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Billionaires: Emerging TrendsBy Richard C. WilsonSponsored by Family Office Club

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Today’s Webinar Billionaires Fundamentals of Billionaires Estimates of the Number of Billionaires How Billionaires Made Their Fortunes What Billionaires Invest In Billionaire Case Studies

Who are the Billionaires?

You’ve Never Heard of Most Billionaires Dmitry Rybolovlev,Russian Fertilizer - 7.7BPierre BellonFrench Food Services - 4.4BHarry Stine,Agriculture - 3.5BThe U.S. has 540 billionaires, more than any other country in the world. It’sfollowed by mainland China with 251 (Hong Kong has another 69) andGermany with 120. Russia has 77, ten-figure fortunes, 11 fewer than last year,while Brazil is down 23 to 31.Forbes 2016 Billionaires Report: ople-on-the-planet/#152d2d1141cb

How Billionaires Made Their Wealth1. Investments: 1482. Fashion and Retail: 1463. Real Estate: 1294. Diversified: 1255. Food and Beverage: 1006. Technology: 957. Manufacturing 898. Energy 839. Finance 7810.Media 69Source: /how-the-worlds-billionaires-gotrich/#e7c7eb14a0b3

Mobile Ultra-WealthyChart Source: 2016 Knight Frank Wealth Report

Source: Knight Frank 2015Wealth Report

Billionaire Producing Industries (By Region)Asia-PacificReal Estate: 71Diversified: 52Manufacturing: 41Fashion and Retail: 29Technology: 26EuropeFashion and Retail: 62Investments: 31Metals & Mining: 30Energy: 26Food and Beverage: 26Middle East & AfricaDiversified: 36Construction & Engineering: 9Finance: 8Metals & Mining: 7Food and Beverage: 6The AmericasFinance: 21Fashion and Retail: 19Food and Beverage: 16Diversified: 14Media: 11USAInvestments: 102Technology: 53Media: 34Energy: 33Food and Beverage: 33Source: /howthe-worlds-billionaires-got-rich/#e7c7eb14a0b3

Billionaire CitizenshipVisual Capitalist: -top-50-wealthiest-billionaires/

Average Billionaire AgeVisual Capitalist: -top-50-wealthiest-billionaires/

Billionaires by City1. New York Billionaires: 79Combined net worth: 364.6 billion2. Hong Kong Billionaires: 68Combined net worth: 261.3 billion3. Moscow Billionaires: 60Combined net worth: 217.6 billion4. Beijing Billionaires: 51Combined net worth: 149.9 billion5. London Billionaires: 48Combined net worth: 187.7 billion6. Mumbai Billionaires: 32Combined net worth: 115.1 billion7. Shanghai Billionaires: 31Combined net worth: 66.1 billion8. Seoul Billionaires: 30Combined net worth: 73.9 billion9. Shenzhen Billionaires: 30Combined net worth: 78 billion10. San Francisco Billionaires: 28Net worth: 74.5 billionSource: Forbes 2016 Billionaires Report: 1/new-yorkmost-billionaires/#2120dd9e2565

Billionaires by aires/201605-02/aca

Billionaires by GenderSource: ya/aqaaa

InheritanceSome of the largest billionaires in the world inherited their wealth, as familybusinesses are passed down through generations. The total inherited wealth ofbillionaires in Bloomberg’s Billionaire Database was 866.3 billion, showing thatthere is significant wealth inheritance driving the growth of billionaires.Source: aa/faaaa

But Most Billionaires are Self-MadeMore billionaires in the Forbes 400 are self-made than ever before. In 1984, themajority of members of the Forbes 400 had inherited their wealth in some way.Forbes has scored their list on a 10-point scale with those who inherited all theirwealth as a 1 (think Christy Walton) or those who benefited in some way such asinheriting a small or medium-sized business as a 5 (think Donald Trump) all the wayto entirely 100% self-made billionaires at a 10. You can see how things havechanged since 1984.Source: Forbes Link.

Lasting Billionaire DemographicsFrom 1995 Study by PWC those surviving as Billionaires had followingdemographics:Source: cations/assets/ubs-billionaires-report2015.pdf

Billionaires Starting Single Family OfficesChart Source: 2016 Knight Frank Wealth Report

Example Billionaire Family OfficesBill Gates: Cascade InvestmentSergey Brin: Bayshore GlobalManagementMark Zuckerberg: Iconiq CapitalPaul Allen: VulcanEric Schmidt: Hillspire

Billionaire PhilanthropySource: Wealth-X 2015 Philanthropy Report

Source: Wealth-X 2015 Philanthropy Report

Governance & Family Communications

Billionaire Case Studies Real Estate Billionaire Client: 35 Entities90% Real Estate - 5B a year in revenue Food Industry Billionaire Client: 50Professionals – only investing in foodand real estate Food Industry Billionaire Family: 20Professionals Lifted out of PrivateEquity – Consumer Products & FoodFocused Soon to be Billionaire Client – 100 LLCsin 10 Industries – only 6 professionals atthe core 880M Florida Family – Staff of one, theson. Everything else outsourced

Billionaire Real Estate Investing

Billionaire Investment FocusUBS/PWC 2015 Billionaire .pdf

Full Chess Board Portfolio

Making Billionaires Richer Grow Value of HoldingsIdentify AcquisitionsGet Them InsightMake Introductions Wine & PropertyManagement Examples

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Attracting Billionaires

100 Billionaire & Billionaire FamilyOffice Clients & Relationships

100M and 300M Reality

Peter Thiel - The Future of theBillionaire Space

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