Block-and-bleed Valve 2-valve Manifold Models IV20 And IV21

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AccessoriesBlock-and-bleed valve2-valve manifoldModels IV20 and IV21WIKA data sheet AC 09.19Applications Shut off and vent pressure measuring instruments For gaseous and liquid aggressive media that arenot highly viscous or crystallising, also in aggressiveenvironments Process industry: Oil & gas, petrochemical, chemicalindustries, power generation, water and wastewaterSpecial features Low-wear design due to non-rotating spindle tip in thebonnet Low torque and smooth operation of valve handle even athigh pressure Enhanced safety due to blow-out proof bonnet design Valve seat tested for leak tightness per BS6755 /ISO 5208 leak rate A Customer-specific combination of valves and instruments(hook-up) on requestFig. left: Model IV20, square versionFig. right: Model IV21, flat versionDescriptionWith 2-valve manifolds, the block-and-bleed version isstandard. The shut-off valve separates the process frommeasuring instruments such as pressure gauges, switchesor transmitters. By closing this valve the instrument canbe safely dismounted for services like recalibration orreplacement. The vent valve allows the safe venting of theinstrument, prior to the dismounting or for zero point check.Through the non-rotating spindle tip, the wear of the sealingelements is reduced. This results, particularly with frequentopening and closing, in a noticeable increase in the servicelife.Through the blow-out proof design of the valve, workingsafety is improved, especially in applications with highpressure loading.As an option, WIKA offers the professional assembly ofvalves and pressure measuring instruments and also otheraccessories into a ready-to-install solution, also known as ahook-up. To ensure the performance of the complete system,an additional leak test is carried out on the hook-up.WIKA data sheet AC 09.19 06/2019Data sheets showing similar products and accessories:Needle valve and multiport valve; models IV10 and IV11; see data sheet AC 09.22Valve manifold for differential pressure measuring instruments, models IV30, IV31, IV50 and IV51; see data sheet AC 09.23Page 1 of 9

SpecificationsBlock-and-bleed valve, models IV20 and IV21Standards usedASME B16.34, valves - flanged, threaded and welding endASME B1.20.1, pipe threads, general purpose (inch)ASME B31.3, process pipingMSS SP-99, valves for measuring instrumentsDesign Tests API 598, valve inspection and testing ISO 5208, pressure testing of metallic valves with leakage rate A MSS SP-61, pressure testing of valvesMaterial requirements NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156, use in H₂S-containing environments in oil and gas production NORSOK M-630, specificaiton for use in pipelines (Norway)MarkingMSS SP-25, marking on valvesValve position(see dimensions on page 6 ff.) Angled In-line Side-by-sideProcess connection / instrumentconnection Vent connection¼ NPT female, plug screw is included in delivery, though not pre-fitted½ NPT male / ½ NPT female½ NPT female / ½ NPT female¼ NPT male / ¼ NPT female¼ NPT female / ¼ NPT femaleG ½ male / G ½ femaleMounting Without mounting holes Suitable for mounting bracket, with mounting holes 1)Permissible operating pressure 420 bar or 6,000 psi 690 bar or 10,000 psi ¹⁾Bonnet design(see page 4 ff.) Standard version Extended handle versionBonnet options Special design feature Without For oxygen, oil and grease freeWithoutAnti-tamper version without padlock, ventAnti-tamper version without padlock, shut off and ventAnti-tamper version with padlock, ventAnti-tamper version with padlock, shut off and ventSmall T-bar handleT-bar handle from stainless steel 316L1) Only with material of the sealing packing from PTFE, see page 5WIKA data sheet AC 09.19 06/2019Page 2 of 9

Functional diagramShut offVentMaterialWetted partsValve bodyBonnet bodySpindle tipSealing packing Stainless steel 316/316L (standard)Monel 400Hastelloy 276Others on request PTFE (standard) Graphite RTFEReinforced PTFE, material for optional certificate “Emission protection in accordancewith TA-Luft (VDI 2440) and ISO-15848-1”Non-wetted partsGland nut, valve spindle, seal bush,locking nut, locking pinStainless steel 316LHandle Stainless steel (standard) Stainless steel 316/316LWIKA data sheet AC 09.19 06/2019Page 3 of 9

Bonnet, standard versionHandleColoured capGland nutValve spindleLocking nutSeal bushSealing packingLocking pinBonnet bodySpindle tipValve bodySpecificationsStandards complied with ASME VIII div. 1 and MSS SP-99 TA-Luft (VDI 2440) and ISO-15848-1 (option)Dust cap colour codeBlue: Shut offRed: VentSpindle tipNon-rotating, low-wear, blow-out-safeValve bore size4 mm [0.16 in]Valve seatAnti-tamper versionMetal-to-metal, back seat designAnti-tamper version with padlockExtended handle versionAccessory: Anti-tamper keyOrder number: 81640006WIKA data sheet AC 09.19 06/2019Page 4 of 9

Pressure-temperature diagram700(10153)PTFE600(8702)GraphiteRTFE 1)Pressure in bar 0Temperature in C ( F)Material of thesealing packingPTFEGraphiteRTFE1)Max. permissible operating pressure in barat temperature in CMax. permissible operating pressure in psiat temperature in F690 bar at 38 C10,000 psi at 100 F276 bar at 204 C4,000 psi at 400 F420 bar at 38 C6,000 psi at 100 F209 bar at 538 C3,030 psi at 1.000 F420 bar at 38 C6,000 psi at 100 F276 bar at 180 C4,000 psi at 356 F1) Reinforced PTFE, material for optional certificate „Emission protection in accordance with TA-Luft (VDI 2440) and ISO-15848-1The minimum design temperature is -54 C [-65 F].For continuously low operating temperatures -54 C [ -65 F] a special design is needed.WIKA data sheet AC 09.19 06/2019Page 5 of 9

Dimensions in mm [in]Model IV20, square versionValve position: AngledValve position: In-linePlug screw for venting connection is included in delivery,though not pre-fitted.Model IV21, flat versionValve position: AngledValve position: In-linePlug screw for vent connection is included in delivery, thoughnot pre-fitted.WIKA data sheet AC 09.19 06/2019Page 6 of 9

Valve position: Side-by-sidePlug screw for vent connection is included in delivery, thoughnot pre-fitted.WIKA data sheet AC 09.19 06/2019Page 7 of 9

AccessoriesOnly for versions with mounting option “R”: Suitable for mounting bracket, with mounting holesScope of delivery: 1 mounting bracket, 1 or 2 U-bolts, 2 screws for valve mountingMaterial: Stainless steelMounting bracket with mounting materialFor modelAlignment of the pipelineOrder numberIV20Vertical14252307IV21, valve position:In-lineVertical14147672HorizontalIV21, valve position:AngledVertical14252309HorizontalWIKA data sheet AC 09.19 06/2019Page 8 of 9

ApprovalsLogoDescriptionCountry-CRNCanadaEAC (option)Eurasian Economic CommunityManufacturer‘s information and certificatesLogo Description-PMI 1) test certificate (option)Valve body-Certificate for oxygen versions (option)- Oil and grease free for oxygen per ASTM G93 level C- Sealing packing and lubricants in accordance with BAM requirements- Limits of the permissible operating ranges for pressure and temperature:420 bar at 60 C or 6,000 psi at 140 F90 bar at 200 C or 1,305 psi at 392 F-Emission protection in accordance with TA-Luft (VDI 2440) and ISO-15848-1 (option)- Tightness class: AH- Endurance class: C01- Temperature class: -29 . 180 C [-20 . 356 F]1) Positive material identificationCertificates 3.1 inspection certificate per EN 10204- Material certificate for the valve body per NACE (MR0103/MR0175)- Confirmation of pressure tests per API 598 2) 3.1 inspection certificate per EN 10204 (option)- Material certificate for all wetted parts per NACE (MR0103/MR0175)- Confirmation of pressure tests per API 598 2)2) Shell test: 15 s test duration with 1.5 times the permissible working pressureSeat test: 15 s test duration with 1.1 times the permissible working pressure06/2019 EN 02/2018 WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, all rights reserved.The specifications given in this document represent the state of engineering at the time of publishing.We reserve the right to make modifications to the specifications and materials.WIKA data sheet AC 09.19 06/2019Page 9 of 9WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KGAlexander-Wiegand-Straße 3063911 Klingenberg/GermanyTel. 49 9372 132-0Fax 49 9372 [email protected]