An Idiot's Guide To Lust Epidemic

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An Idiot's Guide toLust Epidemicby cooperlee77This guide follows the Normal version but {Hard} options are included.Maps are included and pictures of locations can be found at the end of thisdocument or by Ctrl Clicking on the underlined links.IndexUnderlined Recommended optionInventory ItemsFound Kamasutra PagesFound CoinsCrystal Ball HintsActions(*%) - Progress1 Page

The WalkthroughWatch IntroWhen Intro finishes, you should be in the Library with Simon and Valerie.Do you need to use the restroom?Click on SimonTease Simon / Berate SimonRead Note on tableNorth (North of Library)Read Newsletter on tableEast (Restroom Area)East (North of East Foyer)Click on MendelClick on AmberChoose TalkBackhanded Compliment / Small Talk{Amber's 1st Heart}West (Restroom Area)Enter Gent's Restroom (Room 04)Click on flashing spark on West wallLook in the hole / Better not spyWatch Scene [1]Exit South (Restroom Area)No one is in the Women's Restroom. I wonder what it looks like in there.Enter Woman's Restroom (Room 03)Pick up Security Access Card (Room 02)Pick up Coin (01) on floorExit South (Restroom Area)(1%)I wonder if that new unlocked classroom has something else you need in it?West (North of Library)South (Library)Click on ValerieChoose TalkNorth (North of Library)Enter North East Door (Room 02)Click on North East Cabinet with the flower on itYou found a Bottle of WaterClick on right hand side of the chalkboardRead the message – Behind the South wall CabinetsExit South (North of Library)See if Valerie wants your waterSouth (Library)Click on ValerieChoose TalkChoose Bottle of WaterI wonder what is so special about the west tower?Exit South (Library Foyer)2 Page

West (Chapel Foyer)West (West Tower)Sister Katherine enters and talks to youTell the truth / LieWatchCould there be something useful in the West Tower?Click on spark in the flowers by the staircaseYou have found a Desk KeyWasn't there a desk in that classroom?East (Chapel Foyer)East (Library Foyer)North (Library)North (North of Library)Enter North East Door (Room 02)Click on flashing spark on North West deskChoose Desk KeyYou have found a Security Access Card (Room 01)I wonder what could be in the room you just unlocked.Exit South (North of Library)Enter the North West Door (Room 01)Pick up the Book called “In Your Heart!” on the South East Bookcase{Pick up the Heart Container from South West corner}Exit South (North of Library)You should talk to KatherineGo to West TowerClick on Sister Kath{Heart Up}Choose TalkChoose “In Your Heart!” BookWatch{Kath's 1st Heart}Buddie arrives and moves you East (Chapel Foyer)You should talk to AndyGo to Restroom AreaClick on AndyWatchI wonder what's going on in the LibraryGo to LibraryClick on ValerieWatchI wonder what the security guard is doing?Go to EntranceClick on the flashing spark in the fountainWatchI bet Simon could help youWest (Library Foyer)Click on SimonWatchEast (Entrance)Click on the flashing spark in the fountain againBuddie leaves3 Page

Grab the key from the fountainYou have found a Desk KeyEast (East Foyer)East (East Tower){Pick up the Heart Container}Pick up the Security Access Card (Room 08)West (East Foyer)Enter North East door (Room 08)Too dark – Exits South (East Foyer)Go to Room 01Click the flashing spark on the deskUse the Desk KeyYou found a Cheap Digital CameraExit South (North of Library)I wonder where Denny and Amber went off toGo to East TowerWatchYou should tell Mrs. Bancroft what you heardGo to the LibraryClick on AmandaChoose Talk{Amanda's 1st Heart}Do you have to pee?North (North of Library)East (Restroom Area)Enter Gent's Restroom (Room 04)Click on flashing spark on West wallWatch Scene [2]Adam entersWatchAdam leaves(2%)Exit South (Restroom Area)Go find Buddie and then see what Mendel is up toGo to EntranceEast (East Foyer)North (North of East Foyer)WatchDid you see Amber talking to Mendel about food? Maybe Buddie knows where some food isGo to EntranceClick on BuddieGet mad at Buddie / Laugh at Buddie's misidentificationWhere did Valerie go?North (Restroom Area)WatchYou follow Valerie West (North of Library)WatchWhere did Mendel go?Go to North of East FoyerClick on the flashing spark in the North West cornerYou have found a Chest Key4 Page

Go to EntranceWatchWas Mendel blocking something earlier? Maybe it can help you in the basement of the East TowerGo to East TowerUpstairs (East Tower 2nd Floor) (Room 24)Pick up the Photo in the South West cornerPick up the Kamasutra BookYou can now pick up pagesDownstairs (East Tower)Downstairs (East Tower Basement)Click on the box in the South West cornerRead Packing ListClick on the Chest by the stairsChoose Chest KeyYou have found a Wire CuttersClick on the electrical panel on the North wallChoose Wire Cutters(3%)I wonder if Andy has anything interesting to sayGo to Restroom AreaClick on AndyGo to EntranceBuddie entersWatchThe West Tower is open to explore. I wonder if Sister Katherine wants to talk any moreGo to West Tower 2nd Floor (Room 09)Try to enter North East Door (Room 10)WatchClick 2 times on the wall behind the Cabinet on the South wall. You should hear a click and thescreen will flash every time.5 Page

Are you hungry? There is a Kitchen in the West Tower BasementDownstairs (West Tower)Downstairs (Kitchen)Walk to centre of Kitchen until Kath arrivesWatchKath leavesPick up the Coin (02) in the South East cornerClick on the FridgeYogurt / CarrotsRanch Dip / Strawberry JamAdd some condiments / Nah, those will fuck up the tasteDo it! / No way!Watch SceneIs Amber still hungry?Go to LibraryClick on ValerieChoose TalkChoose YogurtGo to East FoyerClick on AmberChoose TalkChoose YogurtWatch Scene [3]{Amber's 2nd Heart}(4%)Is Buddie still outside?Go to the East TowerUpstairs (Room 24)Click 4 times behind the 2 Cabinets on South wall. You should hear a click every time.6 Page

A page and a Heart Container appearsYou found a page – Amber 11: Reverse Cowgirl{Pick up the Heart Container}Go to EntranceWatchClick on RaincoatYes, go outside / No, stay insideYou go OutsideClick on the flashing spark by the main entrance doorYou have found a Car KeysPick up a Coin (03) by the East wall{Pick up the Heart Container in the North West corner}Click on the TransformerClick on the Silver CarChoose Car KeysYou have found a Serum FlaskMaybe Andy knows what that purple flask isEnter Building (Entrance)Go to North of East FoyerClick on AndyWatchWhere did Mendel go?Go to East FoyerClick on AmberWatchGo to LibraryWatchClick on Valerie{Heart Up}Choose TalkIf you're going to try out that purple juice you'd better mix it with some juice to mask the awful flavourGo to KitchenClick on the FridgeThe kitchen is cooler than the upstairs areasWalk around KitchenValerie entersWatchWatch Scene [4]{Valerie's 1st Heart}You exit Upstairs (West Tower)You need to find Andy. Where did he go?Go to Restroom Area(6%)Pick up RaincoatEnter Ladies Restroom (Room 03)Watch Scene [5]Andy leavesExit South (Restroom Area)Go to EntranceClick on AndyWatch7 Page

Buddie entersWatchBuddie leavesAndy leavesWatch(7%)I wonder if Valerie is okayGo to KitchenClick on ValerieChoose TalkAmanda entersMendel and Amber enterWatchMendel unlocks the Bedroom CorridorYou receive a Security Access Card (Room 07)WatchI wonder what's behind that opened door in the KitchenEnter North East door (Bedroom Corridor)Amber talks to youWatchYou receive a Key Fob and a kiss from AmberPick up a Coin (04) by the East wallGo to West TowerWatch Buddie and MendelIt looks like Buddie is headed for the East TowerGo to EntranceExit buildingClick on Amber's car 2nd from leftChoose Key FobEnter building with luggageGo to KitchenAmber takes her luggage from youWatchSimon entersWatchSimon leavesI'd check out the new unlocked bathroom if I were you. Then make your way to the storage room inthe East Foyer. You might be able to find some drinks for ValerieGo to Bedroom CorridorEnter Bathroom{Pick up the Heart Container}Click on Newsletter on left side of sinkClick on the flashing spark on the floorYou found a Chest KeyYou found a page – Amber 02 : Tit Play (Actually says Amanda: Tit Play but if you click in theKamasutra book, Amber: Tit Play is ? out)8 Page

Go to the East Tower basementWatch BuddieUpstairs (East Tower)West (East Foyer)Go to Your Bedroom in the East Foyer (Room 07){Pick up the Heart Container}You found a page – Amber 04: HandjobPick up a Coin (05) from the floorRead Receipt found on box in South West cornerClick on ChestChoose the Chest KeyYou found a Bottle of Red WineExit South (East Foyer)Read Newsletter of floorGo to the KitchenClick on Valerie{Heart Up}Choose TalkChoose Red WineWatchAmber looked better in them / Mrs Bancroft looks better in themWatchYou leave upstairsWhere did Andy go?Go to EntranceClick on AndyWatchI think the girls have settled in. Maybe you can sneak downstairsGo to Bedroom CorridorClick on Bathroom doorWatch Scene [6]WatchAmber entersWatchYou and Amber go to Amber's Bedroom (Room 34)Watch Scene [7]{Amber's 3rd Heart}You found a page – Amber 03: Footjob(10%)Exit South (Bedroom Corridor)Click on the Bathroom doorYou found a Security Access Card (Room 34)Valerie enters9 Page

WatchExit South (Kitchen)Watch SceneYou've got the pics, now go show AndyGo to EntranceClick on AndyChoose SD CardWatchYou receive a Serum FlaskYou should check out the Bonus Area on your phone, there might be new items for you to buyClick 'Right Mouse Button'Click 'Phone'Double click 'Bonus Area!'Click the Goth outfit under AmberYes / NoExit the screen SouthAmber is still awake. If you can find her, you should try playing with herGo to LibraryClick on Amber{Heart Up}Choose TalkPick up the Coin (06) from below the South West bookcaseGo to EntranceClick on the West wall by the staircaseYes / No10 P a g e

You found a page – Katherine 01: FacejobGo to LibraryClick on AmberPlayClick on AmberChoose Hand and Foot StuffChoose Get a FootjobWatch SceneCancelExit South(11%)Where did Buddie go? Maybe check the entryGo to EntranceBuddie entersMendel entersSimon entersAmber entersWatchBuddie, Mendel and Amber leaveUpstairs (2nd Floor)WatchPick up a Coin (07) from the floor by the West wallYou found a page – Amber 05: Tit Fuck (Actually says Amanda: Tit Fuck but if you click in theKamasutra book, Amber: Tit Fuck is ? out)Pick up the Flashlight off of the Right hand chairYou hear a Shot!You go Downstairs to the EntranceMendel and Simon enterWatchAmanda entersWatchAmanda, Buddie, Mendel and Simon leaveWhere did Mrs. Bancroft go? Reading a book or something?Go to LibraryClick on Amanda{Heart Up}Choose TalkThere are probably some wine glasses in the KitchenGo to Kitchen11 P a g e

Click on the Wine Glasses on the South wallYou found a Serum Spiked WineBring the drink to Mrs. BancroftGo to LibraryClick on AmandaChoose TalkChoose Spiked WineWatchCompliment Amanda's ass / Compliment Amanda's titsWatchAmber entersWatch Scene [8]{Amanda's 2nd Heart}Pick up the Security Access Card (Girls Bedroom)(12%)There might be something useful in Amanda's and Valerie's room. Just be sure you have a keycard.Amanda might have dropped it when she took off her skirtEnter Girls BedroomPick up the Coin (08) from the floor in the South West cornerYou found a page – Amber 06: Finger PussyClick on the ClockYou found a Battery for your Flashlight(13%)Go to the KitchenChoose Talk with BuddieThe flashlight would be useful in the ChapelFollow BuddieWatchEnter the ChapelYou found a Serum FlaskYou found a page – Amber 07: Eat PussyWalk North to Alter{Pick up the Heart Container}Look in first pew on right hand sideYou find Father ParkerExit South (Chapel Foyer)You bump into AdamYou've got a Serum bottle. How would you get Amber to drink it? Her mouthwash?Go to East FoyerEnter Room 08You found a page – Amber 08: BlowjobPick up the Coin (09) from the floorPick up the Security Access Card (Room 06)Exit SouthNorth (North of East Foyer)Enter the North East door (Room 06)Pick up the Coin (10) from the South East cornerYou have found a Calculator{Pick up the Heart Container}Go to Amber's Bedroom (Room 34)Click on Amber12 P a g e

{Heart Up}Choose TalkGo to BathroomClick on Mouthwash bottle on sinkChoose SerumExit South (Bedroom Corridor)You meet AmberAmber enters BathroomThe Serum might not last long. Better wait in Amber's room for her to get done brushing her teethEnter Amber's Bedroom (Room 34)Amber entersWatch Scene [9]Watch{Amber's 4th Heart}Exit South (Bedroom Corridor)(14%)I bet Valerie and Amanda are sleeping nowEnter Girls BedroomClick on AmandaClick on ValerieHell Yeah I should look at her pussy / No I better respect her privacyWhisper something sexy in her ear / Leave her alone. Don't want to wake her up{Valerie's 2nd Heart}Click on panties on floorYes, can't pass up a sexy woman's juicy panties / No, I better leave them aloneYou found a pair of Valerie's Panties(15%)I wonder what Sister Katherine is doing in the Chapel FoyerGo to Chapel FoyerClick on KathChoose TalkWatchKath leavesIt's very late. You must be so tiredGo to East FoyerEnter Your Bedroom (Room 07)Click on the couch below the pillowYes / NoWatch Dream Scene [10]Exit South (East Foyer)You talk to MendelFollow Mendel Upstairs (2 nd Floor)WatchYou follow Mendel and Denny East (2nd Floor East)Watch Scene(16%)There may be something hidden near the security room that you can use to unlock the desk in theoffice on the east side of the 1st floorUpstairs to 3rd FloorPick up Photo by West wallPick up Serum Flask13 P a g e

You found a page – Amber 10: Cow GirlDownstairs (2nd Floor)West (2nd Floor West){Pick up the Heart Container}You found a page – Amber 09: MissionaryEast (2nd Floor)East (2nd Floor East)Pick up a Coin (11) in North West cornerYou found a page – Amanda 02: Tit SuckingClick on flashing spark in plant in South East cornerYou found a Desk KeyGo to Room 06Click on flashing spark on deskChoose Desk KeyYou found a Security Access Card (Room 05)(18%)Exit South (North of East