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NorthStar 10,000Bright Light Boxes for Brighter LivesUser Guide 1

Read All Safety Guidelines Before Using Your Northstar 10,000Observe these safety guidelines to avoid potential hazards that could result in personal injuryor damage to your Northstar 10,000.SAFETY TIPS Never use damaged or worn cords or plugs. This could result in electrical shock, burns and/or fire. Do not place heavy objects on top of the cord. When unplugging the Northstar 10,000, grasp the plug directly to avoid damaging the cord.Never pull the power cord to remove the plug from the socket. Unplug the light before servicing to eliminate the risk of electrical shock. The lamps can become extremely hot. Allow at least ten minutes for the lamps to cool beforehandling. To avoid damage and the risk of shock, never expose your Northstar 10,000 to water orother liquids. Do not place any objects on top of the Northstar 10,000. Limit disassembly. We designed the Northstar 10,000 so that you can remove the front coverand change the bulbs safely. You risk electrical shock and/or damage to the light if you doany other disassembly. An Alaska Northern Lights authorized service representative shouldperform all other maintenance.User Guide 2

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INTRODUCTIONThank You for Purchasing the Northstar 10,000You have just purchased the very best light box on the market today! The Northstar 10,000 is aproven light therapy aid in combating the symptoms of depression, seasonal affective disorder,sleep disorders and other mood disorders.The human body uses light cues, such as those provided by the sun, to set the timing on certain internal functions. These daily internal cycles, called circadian rhythms, sometimes fallout of sync, resulting in an imbalanced body clock.The Northstar 10,000 helps to shift circadian rhythms back to their normal time by deliveringa specifically engineered intensity of light to simulate the production of key substances triggered by the brain.Visit now to: Learn more about your Northstar 10,000 and light therapy Download insurance form Purchase accessoriesUser Guide 4

NORTHSTAR 10,000 FEATURESProduct Specifications: Doctor Recommended Medical GradeQuiet 25,000 HZ electronic ballast No Harmful UV Light Proven Light Therapy AidConvenient carrying handle10,000 Lux at 24”Prismatic light diffuserDurable metal casingState-of-the-art 95%reflective mirror finishStands horizontally or vertically10,000 Lux at 24”13” H x 24” L x 4” DWt. 10 lbs.120 Volt AV60 HZGrounded commercial cordRubber grips for table topUser Guide 5

USING YOURNORTHSTAR 10,000Assembly Instructions:IMPORTANT: Make sure your light box is unplugged before assembling.1. Remove the two screws from end of unit and white metal end strip.2. Slide the plastic diffuser cover out and off.21User Guide 6

Bulb Installation Directions - read before installation:USING YOURNORTHSTAR 10,0003. Grasp the bulb with the thumb and middle finger of your left hand.4. Alight the 4 pins with the matching protrusion in the bulb holder.5. With your right hand, raise the other end of the bulb to approximately 6 inches abouve thereflector to help align bulb with four pins into the bulb socket.6. With your left hand, hold the bulb steady as you push and lower the bulb into the socketwith your right hand.7. The bulb will pivot in the fingers of your left hand as the bulb is lowered into the plasticbulb holder on the reflector.User Guide 7

IMPORTANT: Make sure the bulb is locked into place in thebulb holder8a. Install top half of the clear plastic bulb holder (these aretaped to the light bulb shipping cartons) by pushing it over thelight bulb and into the clear plastic bottom half. Connect oneleg of the top clip (farthest away from you) onto the lower clipfirst.8a8b. Place index finger under bottom clip for support and usingyour thumb, gently squeeze top clip down onto and over side tabof lower clip until it snaps into place and locks onto lower clip.9. Slide the diffuser cover back in place, rough side out. Replacethe white metal end strip over diffuser cover and reinstall thescrews.8bSUSING YOURNORTHSTAR 10,000Bulb Installation Directions - read before installation:NAP10. Plug unit into a 120-volt outlet.11. Turn unit on by depressing red button on top of unit.TabUser Guide 8

RECOMMENDED USAGE OFYOUR NORTHSTAR 10,000How To Use Your Northstar 10,000We recommend starting light therapy by staying approximately 40 inches from the light(2,500 Lux) for half an hour in the morning within the first hour of waking.Over the course of a week, you can either: 1) move closer to the light, until you are two feet(10,000 Lux brightness range) for 30 minutes or 2) increase your time spent by building totwo hours.Within 10 days of starting light therapy, you should be waking up earlier and/or feeling anincrease in energy. If not, try adding five minutes a day to your time spent by the light.Consult a doctor or therapist to determine your best schedule for use. He or she will help youwith a daily schedule to aid in restoring a strong circadian rhythm. Since everyone’s circadianrhythm is unique, Northstar 10,000 users may need light at different times of day for maximum effectiveness.User Guide 9

Frequently Asked QuestionsDo you bill my insurance company directly?No, after you have purchased your light box, you can submit your receipt, completed insurance form and doctor’s prescription for reimbursement.FAQsDo I have to take my glasses off when I use the Northstar 10,000?No. Reading or prescription glasses and contacts do not reduce the effect of light. However,you should not use tinted glasses or sunglasses.Are there any major side effects?The Northstar 10,000 is completely safe. Some people have initially experienced anxiety,headaches or early awakening. Most of these symptoms disappear within a few days and canbe avoided by starting with a reduced session length or doubling the distance from the lightfor the first week.Can I get a sunburn from using the light?No. The Northstar 10,000 uses broad spectrum lights that do not produce UV light.Can the light cause harm to children or pets?No. The lights are safe around children and pets.Can children use the lights?Although it’s uncommon, some children get SAD, and it is perfectly safe for them to use alight. Remember, they are electrical devices, so younger children should always be supervised.It’s certainly not a problem to have the light on while there are children in the same room or ifthey come and sit with you when you’re getting your light therapy.User Guide 10

Frequently Asked QuestionsCan I use the Northstar 10,000 more than once a day?For most people, using the Northstar 10,000 once a day is sufficient. It is important to keepin mind that using the light too late in the evening may adversely affect your sleep.FAQsHow long do the bulbs last?Under normal usage (30 minutes a day for 6 months), the bulbs will last up to four years.We recommend you replace the bulbs after three years of use because they will lose brightnessover time.Does the light box interfere with prescription meds that require me to stay out of the sun?Our bulbs have no UV output, so there is no risk of burning or damage to the skin or eyes.Double check with the pharmacy or your doctor to make sure that it is the UV rays that youare to avoid and not broad spectrum lighting.Ophthalmological ConcernsIf you suffer from an eye disease or have a history of eye diseases in your family, you shouldconsult your ophthalmologist before using your Northstar 10,000. Also, if you are experiencing any temporary eye problems, wait until the problems subside before using the Northstar10,000.When used as directed, all Alaska Northern Light products are free from UV light risk to theeye and produce a safe, diffused field of light.User Guide 11

7 YEAR WARRANTYAlaska Northern Lights will replace any defective parts that fail under normal indoor useof the original purchaser. The warranty covers all original parts (excluding light bulbs andballast). Light bulbs have a one year warranty. Electrical ballasts have a five year replacementguarantee. The warranty does not cover damage to the unit caused by abuse, faulty householdwiring, weather related events or conditions related to normal wear.Before returning any warranty parts, you must contact our office for a return authorizationnumber. All warranty parts must be shipped pre-paid in the original packaging and insuredby the consumer. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser for shipping to andfrom the manufacturer. Any damage incurred during the return shipment is the responsibilityof the customer and will void warranty claim.We make no medical claims regarding the use of this unit. This warranty is nontransferable.Purchaser agrees, by the act of purchasing this product, to the terms stated.User Guide 12

ACCESSORIESGet the most versatility out of your light box. Visit our website at www.alaskanorthernlights.comto purchase accessories for your Northstar 10,000.Tilt StandFloor StandUser Guide 13

ACCESSORIESGet the most versatility out of your light box. Visit our website at www.alaskanorthernlights.comto purchase accessories for your Northstar 10,000.Carrying BagBulbsUser Guide 14

Bright Light Boxes for Brighter LivesToll Free: 800-880-695359 Damonte Ranch Pkwy, #B-262, Reno, NV 89521www.alaskanorthernlights.comUser Guide 15

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